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What is Azure Sentinel and Why Do You Need It?

THIS week, Microsoft released its brand new ‘cloud-based native SIEM’ as Azure Sentinel as generally available. The system will bring a new level of security and intelligence to the cloud platform allowing you to safely work in the cloud. But what is Azure Sentinel ?

“Oh, the cloud isn’t secure”

“The cloud is so unreliable; we could lose all of our date”

“Hm, I don’t think we should use the cloud; we want to make sure we’re compliant”

The above statements are just a few misconceptions that people have about working in the cloud. But Microsoft have updated that already watertight Azure with their brand-new Azure Sentinel which will provide intelligent security analytics at a cloud scale.

Adam Bell, owner and CEO of Mortimer Bell International Microsoft Recruitment Agency said, “after speaking with clients and discovering their need when it comes to finding an Azure architect, Azure developer or even an Azure consultant, it’s clear they always look for someone that has knowledge or previous experience in cybersecurity.

Since GDPR has come into action and after the horrific WannaCry attack back in 2017, companies are staying on the ball when it comes to cybersecurity so having this new Microsoft product will give peace of mind to companies of all sizes that their information and data will be secure.”

Before it was released, Microsoft attained feedback from thousands of their customers by sending their partners a preview. In return the partners stated what they liked, disliked and wished for with this new product and came to the conclusion that they (according to Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President at Cybersecurity Solutions Group) ‘needed to empower their defenders to be more nimble and efficient when it comes to cybersecurity.’

Companies that will benefit from using Azure Sentinel range from schools, police stations and manufacturing sites to supermarkets, retail stores and hotel chains. This product is built for everyone that needs to store their data in the cloud.

Alex Kreilein, Chief Information Security Officer for RapidDepoy said “we build a platform that helps save lives. It does that by reducing incident response times and improving first responder safety by increasing their situational awareness.”

“With many SIEMs, deployment can take months but deploying Azure Sentinel took us minutes – we just clicked the deployment button and we were done”

Already deploying a range of Microsoft products to businesses across the UK, Tim Taylor, IT Manager for Mortimer Bell International said: “I’ve worked with both large and small companies that would benefit from using Azure Sentinel.

A company I used to work with was only a team of 5 people, but they were on the road a lot so needed to store their data on Azure. They often employed a contractor every few months to ensure their information was being stored safely, they would have absolutely benefit from Azure Sentinel purely for peace of mind if anything.”

If you would like more informational about how Azure Sentinel can benefit your business or if you’re looking to recruit someone to assist with the transition to Azure Sentinel, call Mortimer Bell International on 0191 5000 886 or email

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