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I’ve worked with Mortimer Bell on recruitment for several permanent roles in the past few months and Mortimer Bell have filled all our permanent placements. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable in our search for Microsoft professionals, and have a knack of grasping what’s essential about our requirements, sending us consistently high quality candidates. It has been a pleasure working with this business.


Working with Mortimer Bell has been a pleasant experience and they have filled some very niche Microsoft Dynamics vacancies.

Mortimer Bell International have proven themselves to be specialists in the Microsoft space and they provide not only top-level professionals, but also top-level service


Working with Mortimer Bell International has been a good experience for Air Partner.

Richard approached us as he noticed a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support role with our company and said that given that he was a specialist in the industry, he could fill the role at our Gatwick office.

Richard managed to get six CV’s across which was surprising given the location and scarcity of candidates in the market.

We interviewed several of the candidates and made a quick hire through MBI.


Mortimer Bell  is one of the best recruitment agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our Consultant is polite, honest, and reliable. He makes the effort where others would not, and I am genuinely delighted with his work!


We started our relationship with Mortimer Bell International after they advised that they had the capabilities to supply the Microsoft Dynamics CRM individuals we were looking for.
Mortimer Bell then delivered in a very short period of time and we hired very quickly from them.

We would happily work with Mortimer Bell again as they show the dedication and professionalism that is hard  to find


Throughout the entire process, Mortimer Bell made a welcomed effort to keep in touch with us, to update us with any news on candidates, and all the interviews and feedback were arranged promptly and without hassle. There was a very strong sense of partnership and we now have a good relationship with them, and are working with them again on another role.



Richard has been an outstanding recruiter. A person that knows the client, the recruitment processes and has an open mind and a very professional and creative approach when it comes to problem solving. Needless to say, recruitment processes can change suddenly and without notice and having someone that can quickly adapt and adopt a pro-active approach rather than reactive is indeed more than welcome.


I was approached by Craig via LinkedIn and my default action is normally to ignore cold approaches, however there was something different about that first message and against my normal pattern, I decided to have a look. Craig was certainly knowledgeable about the subject area (SharePoint) and I think this helped to elevate him above other recruiters. He was tenacious in arranging the details of the process and following-up as required.


There are a handful of professionals in the industry who bring competence to the table with a mix of authenticity and optimism.

Richard is unquestionably one of them. His outstanding work ethic and organisation is reflected in his approach to recruitment. He facilitated an efficient and intensive recruitment process with M-Hance and was incredibly supportive throughout my time working with him.


I worked with Adam when I was looking for new challenges outside. He is very professional and assisted me to get my next job role. Will recommend Adam to anyone looking for a job change and he would be the right choice with whom you can trust.


I was introduced to Mortimer Bell through a colleague who been placed Adam of Mortimer Bell. He notified me that these were the specialist agency for just Microsoft and that he was very impressed with Mortimer Bell. Me and John have found Mortimer Bell to the most helpful recruitment guys we have come across.
They have the keys to the kingdom.


I would like to thank you for finding me the perfect company match. I appreciate the dedicated work you provided to myself which gave me the confidence that a job suiting my skills and personality would be inevitable. I felt that you provided me with the highest professional service. The trust formed a bond which turned into the most amazing position and company for myself.

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